New peeps - Vancouver Hack Space

Trying new things, meeting new peeps... That's the plan these days. So many nifty things happening in Vancouver and so many people doing pretty awesome stuff. How can you not feel inspired?

At the Maker Social last weekend, I met Steven whose a board member at Vancouver Hack Space. He invited me to the VHS Tuesday evening Open House. WOW! It's an insanely neato place.

The open house was pretty busy with all sorts of people - new members, old members, first timers, geeks, artists, crafters. Such a great mix of people and so much fun!

The space is filled with tons of tools and opportunities to make kewl 'stuff'. They have a 3D printer, laser cutter, sewing machines, computers, etc, etc, etc.

Loved the vending machine with pop, treats, t-shirts, cables and of course mini computers!

So glad I checked out the space! I ended up leaving overwhelmed by the possibility, inspired by meeting so many passionate makers and well maybe there's an opportunity for TBD to become a member and give an upcycling workshop sometime. Who knows! VHS is definitely worthy of checking out.

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