Junk wood, DIY pulls & getting crafty

You just never know when, where and how you'll find 'junk' to repurpose. Or what said 'junk' inspires. Turns out scavenging in an old neighbour's backyard was very fortuitous. I ended up finding some pretty darn fabulous scrap wood. And possibly some shelving for my kitchen. Go figure!

I was helping an old friend with some computer stuff. Patricia is like my second Mom whose always donating kewl stuff for TBD! In this case, we found ourselves in her backyard picking out pieces of wood for organizers, etc. I found a few pieces perfect for my Vancouver Mini Maker Faire workshop in June. (Note: check out the workshop listing for more info about the two upcycling workshops I'm giving. There's also a ton of other neato workshops to peruse - I want to take the letterpress one!)

I also found these boards which would be perfect for DIY shelving. I've been dying to create some junky wood shelves for my kitchen to hold my kookie home decor thrift store finds - Pyrex, teak, etc.

It was gorgeous out on Sunday so I decided to work on a couple of organizers.

The wood was perfect for drilling holes into, nailing, etc. I needed to nail these metal 'things' in before adding anything to the top. I also added screw-in eyelets along the top for hanging the organizer.

I really wanted to use some of my big thrift store buttons. Could be fun?

One green, one pink, one yellow and one blue button good to go!

I added some twine to the middle of the buttons and then glued gunned them to the metal. I might need to rethink how I adhere the buttons to the metal. The glue may not be strong enough. We'll see!

Yup... So cutsie!

I also made one for myself. It's too squished with five hangers though. I'll fix it up on the weekend... Remove one then redrill the holes. This wood is awesome to work with! I'll try to collect more for the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire workshop! Plus more drawer pulls.

Here's to getting more crafty on the long weekend. And happening upon more nifty things to repurpose!

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