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Yes indeed - it's been a very crafty weekend. Yay! First was thrifting, then updating old t-shirts and today was all about painting, drilling, etc. Fun!

My place is filled with projects on the go. I'm feeling the crafty mojo to get things happening and done! Still working on wine cork buttons and salvaged wood organizers... Time to get them done and work on new, nifty projects.

I dragged a few things to my parents' carport this aft. Small, easy projects and bigger, out of control pieces. I bought this heart piece from the thrift store for $0.50. So cute! I ended up drilling a hole in the top and turning into a photo holder. Drilling 'stuff' is the best!

Here's my production line - a few organizers, some drawer pull updates and a box update. The box project has been in the works for AGES. I'm hoping to get it done next weekend.

I added primer to these boring wood drawer pulls. I'm going to paint on them tonight and make them pretty! I also fixed up my other salvaged wood organizer. I have a few on the go now that I'll keep for my Maker Faire workshop then get rid of them. Maybe sell them! Who knows.

Here's the box I'm working on... I'm turning into a toy chest. Once the paint job is complete, I'll then add DIY handles out of an old leather belt. I'd also like to jazz it up with glow in the dark stars. Would be such a cute piece for someone's child.

Otherwise I'm finding other potential projects like these vintage wood brackets. These would be super easy to refinish. I could use them for shelving. Who knows! I'll save these for later in the summer.

Here's a close up... I'd love to peel all the paint off and keep the whole 'beat up' look. A piece of salvaged wood along the top and they'd be gorgeous!

More salvaged wood and some big, ole nails.

I scored this swanky plate at the thrift store on Saturday. I adore this plate - the colours and design make me so happy. I had to buy it and add it to my 'wall of kewlness'.

I used some jewelry wire to create a hanger to thread through the hole in the back.

And done. You can't beat a 5 minute project! It fits right in with my whole eclectic thing going on.

And now to work on the wooden drawer pulls. Or maybe finish up the wine cork buttons. It's gonna be a nice, chill Monday evening.

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