Finding treasures at Squamish ReBuild

Yesterday I dropped by Squamish ReBuild, a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to divert reusable construction 'waste' from the landfill and provide community members with good quality, affordable building supplies. I noticed on Facebook that they had a bunch of drawer pulls in stock so I had to drop by! I have two workshops on June 8th as part of the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire at the PNE Forum. One workshop is for the salvaged wood organizers - I'll need a plethora of drawer pulls for participants to choose from!

I have no idea what these are but I'm going to use a bunch of them to create makeshift hangers. The top part is perfect for creating a design or embellishment once I've nailed them into the salvaged wood. They're a dollar for a pound. Deal-o-rama!

Most of these were $0.50/each with a few being $2/each.

These are dainty but dated. I had to give them a quick and dirty shabby chic finish!

Now they're super lovely! Yay!

These are super intriguing to me with the flat top. I could glue gun 'stuff' to the top. Or decoupage a design. Who knows!

Another idea is to glue these big, funky buttons to the top. Could be super funsie! So many possibilities!

Meanwhile I was cleaning and organizing my place this aft and found these. I'm adding them to my stash of salvaged wood organizer supplies.

Today I hit the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in North Vancouver for more drawer pulls. They had a bunch to choose from.

I've got quite the collection happening! Next will be gathering pieces of junky wood.

I have someone cutting up wood pallets for me but for now I have a mini collection of salvaged wood on the go.

And just for kicks I'm making a sample organizer using these four pulls/hangers. Maybe I'll keep this one!

Happy crafting! If you're in Squamish be sure to check out Squamish ReBuild. My buddy Inis runs it and it's really taking off. Definitely worth the visit!!

If you're in Squamish next weekend on the 10th drop by the Squamish CAN Re-Use-It Fair at Brennan Park Recreation Centre from 9am to 3pm. It'll be an upcyclers dream event!


  1. I may be a little biased with the subject matter but great post I say! ;) Thanks a bunch for the shout outs and great to have your help spreading the word about the Squamish CAN Re-Use-It Fair as well. You're a star Denise!

  2. Thanks Inis! You're a star as well! Happy to share the Squamish ReBuild / Squamish CAN Re-Use-It Fair love! Lets connect sometime soon! xo