Latest craft fail - an upcycled wool sweater wine bag

Well I have a craft fail to share... These things happen! And then you move on... I went to a friend's wedding reception a couple of weeks ago. She's the one I gave the frame update to. She asked guests to bring a bottle of wine. And I thought - why not make a DIY wine bag out of upcycled wool sweaters. And that's where things went awry - every time you think you've got a straight-forward project ahead of you... Well it never ever turns out that way!

I decided to start with some flower embellishments. I love these wool flowers! And the colours are super pretty!

I adore grey so used a felted wool thrift store vest for the bag. The flowers work perfectly.

I stitched the flowers on underneath where I envisioned cutting out a hole for the holder. This is where things became surprisingly complicated. Sigh!

Usually I use stitch witchery to seal the front to the inside of my wine bags. Plus it covers up the stitching from any embellishments I add.

I got my iron out for the stitch witchery. I ended up needing a front and back for my wine bag. I was hoping one piece would be enough... This would have worked with only the wool since it would stretch and hug the bottle. But once I added the felt there was no way the fabric would stretch. Darn it all!

So once I had the front and back stitch witchery-ed I then used my sewing machine to add stitching to the ends. I also did a rough stitch for the handle. I cut the handle and then buttonholed stitched the front and back together. Not really grooving on this project... It needs refining! Alas it's a craft fail. Nice idea, interesting implementation and not so pretty end product. Ah well!

I do love these wool flowers though!

Onwards and upwards! Next I'm making a headband for one of my Twitter peeps then mailing it off to England. I'm also waiting on some packages. Fun!

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