Feeling the crafty love & kicking some TBD butt

Ya gotta love the Recyclart love! This week two of my upcycling submissions were featured on Recyclart's website, Facebook page and Twitter. Yay!

First my salvaged wood organizer popped up in my Facebook feed. Nice to see the likes and shares!!

And then the next day my wine cork buttons were posted. Super kewl!!

And here's the homepage with both of my projects. Recyclart is a super inspiring website. People can be so innovative!

Meanwhile I'm gaining more followers on Snapguide plus a ton of likes. I definitely need to think of some more guides to add!

And then I've been playing with my tagline for TBD... I've used 'web designer, crafter extraordinaire and upcycler of things' for my personal website but I've decided to break up with web designer this year. It's time to try something new!

What do you think of 'community catalyst, crafter extraordinaire and upcycler of things'? I'm going to date the new tagline for a bit and test out the waters. I'd love to really see where this whole crafty, upcycling gig can go. Why not!

And so I reworked my blog, Facebook page and Twitter. Next I'm revisiting my TBD website. Fun! Here's my updated blog...

And Facebook page...

And finally my TBD Twitter...

Things are definitely happening!

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