Easter Crafternoon was a blast!

What a super fun Crafternoon the Easter upcycling workshop was! We had 40 plus participants. It was a very industrious yet messy afternoon of crafting.

There were regulars, newbies and a couple of my renegade crafters. I feel truly blessed that I've met so many absolutely lovely peeps via the Crafternoons.

We spent our afternoon upcycling cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons and wine corks. Here are some projects in process.

It's starting to get messy!

A couple of bunnies on the go.

Kids are the funnest! These guys made nifty Easter baskets out of upcycled cereal boxes. The boy was hilarious! He told me I laughed too much. Go figure!

Here's one of my newbies. She made a bunny Easter basket then a bunny with her Mom. They'll be back! Yay!

More projects in the works. What a wonderful afternoon hanging with my crafty peeps. Love it!

We had tons of happy crafters leaving with their projects. And all of my sample projects found homes. Sharing is caring!

We had a few craft renegades. Not sure what this is but they were really happy with it. I think it's a bunny. Very colourful and funsie.

This crafty duo made bunnies out of wine corks and paper clips. I added the paper clips so you could use them as a photo holder or for anything else.

Our most favourite craft renegade, Jose. He's our resident origami specialist. He's a great addition to the group!

And here they are... My other FAV craft renegades. These guys are super duper. They've been to a bunch of the Crafternoons. They show up, go craft crazy and leave with very imaginative projects.

We had quite the craft disaster area to clean up. A few people stayed behind to help me - phew! Marisa and Esteban stayed until the bitter end. I am so thankful they helped. Marisa is one of my most dearest participants. She's been to a bunch of the Crafternoons. She brought her son and grand kids for one. Esteban is one her grandsons and he is full of vim and vigor... He's got personality and is such fun!

Big thanks to the North Vancouver City Library for being such great cheerleaders for my kookie Crafternoons. And thanks to all the participants. I am truly blessed that I got to spend a Saturday afternoon making 'stuff' with you. I adore my crafty partners-in-crime!

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