Crafty peeps are da best

Crafty peeps really are the best!! I've been connecting with a few recently that truly inspire me! Creativity and passion are super infectious!

I went to the opening for 'The Reclaimers' was on April 10th at CityScape Community Art Space. The show focussed on art made by recycling materials. I had a Resident Advisory Committee meeting that night for the Neighbourhood Small Grants through Vancouver Foundation. Once the meeting was over, I dropped by the last bit of the opening.

I wanted to check out the show and support a few of my crafty peeps - Lorraine Kwan, Karen Yaremkewich and Ron Simmer. I applied but didn't really have anything appropriate so unfortunately I didn't get in. Next time!

I loved the mix of pieces in the show like this sculpture from an upcycled toaster by Graham Schodda.

And this portrait of the Queen using pennies by William Frymire was also pretty stunning!

I spied the Marlboro man out of matchbooks on board.

Here's another one of my hip and happening artist friends... Duane Murrin. I've known Duane for 20+ years (holy smokes that's a long time!). I used to see him and his band, Big Tall Garden, but now I tend to run into him at craft fairs. He's a man about town selling his paintings, coasters, lanterns, etc.

I ended up dropping by his studio with a friend this weekend. He's prepping for multiple craft fairs plus the North Shore Art Crawl.

His studio space is kewl! I'm pretty jealous! He's even got a few power tools kicking about!

If you want to find out about the North Shore Art Crawl... And to drop by Duane's studio, visit www.nsartcrawl.ca/brochure to download the 2014 brochure.

Hope you'll either check out 'The Reclaimers' or pop into some studios during the North Shore Art Crawl... Or why not do both!

Another kewl crafty peep of mine is Chelsea. She's an amazing photographer whose become a good friend. I gifted a couple of my projects to her - a stuffie for her soon to arrive baby and then one of my salvaged wood organizers as a housewarming present. She posted a few photos to her Facebook page of the organizer.

Upcycling and crafting is the best when you can share and pass on the good vibes.

Thanks to everyone who follows me, shares with me, cheers and crafts with me and TBD. I'm feeling pretty darn fortunate!

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