Trial & error - the journey to the perfect toque embellishment

And my toque adventures continued this week. I removed the button embellishment from my initial DIY toque. Then started on a second toque. It's been a full-on crafty time lately!

First was creating the top of the toque. I cut out two pieces for the front and back then stitched them together.

I cut a long band of the wool to create a ribbon along the bottom of the toque. I stitched the ends together then sewed the band along the bottom of the top part.

Next step was to make a wool floral as my accent. I stitched a small flower out of a felted wool sweater.

I then stitched the flower to the band.

Here are the two complete toques. I have this love affair for greys and blacks these days. Have you noticed?

Here it is! I really liked it at first but well I think the flower was too darn big. It felt a teeny bit awkward I guess. So embellishment #2 was another bust!

I then did some Googling to come up with another option - a smaller, flatter flower embellishment. I found a few nifty options at Paper and Stitch. I went with option 4 - the wavy rosette.

First step is cutting out a circle with wavy edges then cutting it so you have one long wavy piece of wool.

You then roll it up and stitch it together so it doesn't fall apart. So darn easy and I love it!! I then added it to one of my toques. I'm super happy with this one. Yay!

For the other toque I wanted to use a button. I didn't have anything in my stash that would work so found myself at Button Button yesterday.

I bought a couple of buttons - one for my grey/black toque and one to save for a future toque creation. The metal button was pretty kewl!

Here are the two final embellishments for my upcycled wool sweater toques.

I'm super happy with these guys!!

Now to make some super colourful, funsie toques!

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