Those 'easy' updates that turn into never-ending projects

Last weekend, after kicking craft butt with my salvaged wood organizers, I got back into a chair update from months ago. It's a gorgeous teak chair that was given to me. I was reupholstering it with a grey ultra suede for a friend. I refinished the chair then reupholstered the seat. Then took a break when it got to the hard part - the back rest. Ugh.

The fabric was staple gunned into the bottom of the back rest. It was like surgery! So I got out my trusty tools and got comfy!

It took me maybe an hour to pull out the staples plus fabric.

And I was done! It was actually super relaxing just chilling out and ripping out the staples.

Here's me mid-way through the back rest. The chair is pretty darn swanky! And the ultra suede is perfect!

And then this happened. Yikes! I tore the fabric 70% through the reupholstering process. Darn it all! I guess I'm starting again. Maybe this week. We'll see!

And on to other projects... I worked on frame updates yesterday. One is a gift for a friend's wedding. It's gonna be uber pretty!

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