Sunshine, power tools & salvaged wood

Well it's spring. I think! Yesterday was grey, torrential rain, cold... Just plain ole icky. But today was awesome - sunny and somewhat warm. A perfect day for dragging stuff outside and making funky projects. And that's what I did!

I worked on a jewelry organizer out of old drawer pulls and salvaged wood for my friend Christina. It was her birthday this week and she mentioned that she wanted one of these. So that's one of the handmade projects she's getting!

Here are the pulls I decided to use and my wood cut from an old pallet. I first sanded the wood a bit.

I was on the hunt for a couple of washers and found a few drawer pulls and other nifty things in my stash of furniture refinishing supplies. A very pleasant surprise!

Today I took out the power drill and wow did that feel good. Power tools really rock! Once I drilled the holes I then screwed in the drawer pulls. I also added screw-in eyelets for hanging the organizer.

I decided to use one of my surprise finds. I think it fits with the other drawer pulls. I also added teak oil to the wood.

Here's the finished project. It's good to go for its new home!

I'm really liking this project. It looks funky, it's functional and it was super cheap to make. The whole organizer cost me $2 in supplies. Not bad. I may get some more salvaged wood and old drawer pulls and make a few more. Why not! Maybe give them to friends or see if I can sell them in a store. Lots of possibilities with this project!

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