Crazy about DIY buttons

I am kookie crazy about DIY buttons this week. What happened?! I have no idea but I'm having fun! So I'm going with it...

I've decided to make a bunch of wine cork buttons. Maybe make projects with them or sell them as is. We'll see! Here's my wine cork buttons with one coat of wood varnish. Best to do a bunch then once I add wood varnish I have to let them dry.

I put the wine corks aside to dry and decided to try out my thrift store button making kit. I have this super cute vintage fabric I bought ages ago. It's from a vintage apron.

Here's my first batch of cutie pie buttons. Love them!

Here's the two sets I made in a jiffy!

Next was making something with the buttons. They totally suit the pink wool sweater I grabbed at the thrift store recently. They're a perfect match for 'something'!

I decided to make two ribbons using the wool then stitching the buttons in the middle. I made the ribbons for a headband. Why not?! Just gonna try stuff out and see how it looks.

And just like that I have a completed headband. Kewl!

And then I added coat number two to my batch of wine corks buttons. It's all happenin'!

I'm rockin' it with my DIY buttons. Soon I'll need to sew stuff... And when it gets warmer out I'm working on furniture! Life is good! :-)

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