Crafty goodness & funsie wedding gifties

Spring has sprung! So pumped for warmer weather, sunshine and maybe getting some crafting done outside... Yup! Maybe some furniture refinishing is in my not too distant future. Kewl!

For now I'm working on mini projects. Whatever seems to strike my fancy is the plan. I worked on frame updates last weekend. I had a few saved up so I could do an assembly line of updates.

My main plan was to work on a wedding gift for my friend Keely. She's getting married next month and I wanted to make her something special. I helped design her wedding invite and that's what I used as inspiration. She took this photo then we added the frame for the cover of her wedding invite. It's so her and pretty priceless. My plan was to find a frame, refinish it and replicate the digital version into something she could hang in her home.

I found the perfect frame awhile ago at the Lions Gate Thrift Store. It was a bit extravagant for me. I paid $10 for the frame.

Here's a few of the frames I planned to refinish last weekend. All thrift store finds.

I found two other frames to add into the mix.

I also found even more drawer pulls. Some of which are from my days of scavenging at the Sechelt dump.

I decided to shabby chic a few drawer pulls while I was working on the frame updates. Very efficient I know!

Here's the updated frame. I used gold craft paint and rubbed it into the surface plus tung oil to give the exposed wood a deeper brown hue. I didn't want it too gaudy but it needed to look like the wedding invite.

Meanwhile I shabby chic-ed this frame. Not sure what I'll do with it - maybe add cork, a chalkboard or photo. I'm liking it so far!

Here's the uber boring frame update - tung oil and varathane. Yawn!

And here's it is! I needed to get the glass cut from Capilano Glass. What a deal! It was $5.50 for the glass. The frame was an odd size which meant I needed to get the glass specially cut. I'll remember that for future updates! I love the final piece. Very funsie! And it cost under $20 for everything. Dealorama!

And just in case it's too funsie I refinished another thrift store frame and added the print to it. Keely can have both and decide what she wants to do with them. Hope she likes them!

And she liked them! Especially this one. Love love love sharing the crafty goodness.

And now back to my upcycled wool sweater toques. I'm working on yet another option for the toque embellishment. A crafter's/upcycler's work is never done!

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