An easy peasy DIY toque

There's nothing better than an easy peasy DIY/upcycling project! Last night I stitched up a toque using thrift store finds. I'm making a slight change tonight but otherwise I'm super happy with the toque. So much so that I'm making more!

I found this wool jacket at the Lions Gate Thrift Store a couple of weeks ago. It's black and grey with some ribbing in the finish. Perfect colour, texture, etc! So I felted it!

I also found these earrings I thought I could use them for something. I decided to turn them into buttons.

I got out my trusty pair of pliers and voila! I turned the stem into a circle to make them buttons. So darn simple!

Here's the beginnings of my toque. I didn't take the best in progress shots so I'll be sure to do that tonight. I used an old toque as my pattern. I first cut two pieces then stitched them together to create the basic toque. I thought I could use my buttons as subtle details.

I added another piece of the wool around the bottom then sewed the buttons on.

Here's the final toque. It's darn cold for spring here so I was able to wear my new-to-me toque today. I'm not grooving on the buttons. I'm replacing them with a solid grey mini wool flower. Then making another toque. It took me maybe an hour to make this. Yay for funky, easy projects!

Here's my A Beautiful Mess how to collage.

I'll post an update on my DIY toque adventures later. I'm also posting about my nifty frame updates from the weekend. I'm a crafting goddess lately!

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