Adventures with junk & power tools

Yay for power tools! Yesterday with it being so dreary and miserable out I stayed inside drilling 'things'. Was super fun! Friday afternoon I gathered supplies... A friend cut up a wood pallet for me. Here's my stash of wood.

I then picked up this plethora of drawer pulls for $6. Total score!

Here's my indoor set up. I'm ready to kick some upcycling butt!

I measured where to add holes, did some drilling then added the drawer pulls.

I had a mini accident - I broke one of the drill bits. Oops! I guess I don't know my own strength. Or something!

Last night I found MORE drawer pulls. I keep finding stashes here, there and everywhere.

These ones seemed so dated. I decided to give them a pseudo shabby chic finish. I added white craft paint, let it dry a bit then rubbed it off to enhance the floral design. I love how they look now! They totally suit the look of the upcycled wood organizer. Yay!

And here you go! I now have five complete organizers. I added hangers yesterday then sanded the wood a bit. They are all good to go!

I love the roughness of the wood with all it's imperfections. Fun and super pretty!

And here's my how to thanks to A Beautiful Mess.

I took more photos to show the complete organizers. Here's organizer #1...

This is the metal 'thing' I bought during my thrift store adventure on the Sunshine Coast. It certainly came in handy!

Organizer #2...

Organizer #3...

Organizer #4...

Organizer #5 - I made this last weekend...

I'm off to get crafty... Not sure what I'm going to make. I'm taking a break from organizers until next week. I might paint things this aft. Why not!

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