The fabric sale at Our Social Fabric

This afternoon I trekked to 871 Hastings Street for the biweekly fabric sale at Our Social Fabric (OSF). OSF is a non-profit Vancouver group that helps recycle excess fabric from manufacturers, the movie industry, and more.

They have TONS of fabric and crafty goodness for sale. You can fill 1 bag for $25 or 2 for $40. And a bolt of fabric is $2-$5 per metre. What a dealorama!

Yup - I was in my super happy place.

It's a crafty girl's dream place - loads of fabric, buttons, ribbons, patterns and more! I'll be back.

There's a possibility of TBD partnering up with OSF for workshops. I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll see you at one of their upcoming sales. Such a great idea!


Trial & error - the journey to the perfect toque embellishment

And my toque adventures continued this week. I removed the button embellishment from my initial DIY toque. Then started on a second toque. It's been a full-on crafty time lately!

First was creating the top of the toque. I cut out two pieces for the front and back then stitched them together.

I cut a long band of the wool to create a ribbon along the bottom of the toque. I stitched the ends together then sewed the band along the bottom of the top part.

Next step was to make a wool floral as my accent. I stitched a small flower out of a felted wool sweater.

I then stitched the flower to the band.

Here are the two complete toques. I have this love affair for greys and blacks these days. Have you noticed?

Here it is! I really liked it at first but well I think the flower was too darn big. It felt a teeny bit awkward I guess. So embellishment #2 was another bust!

I then did some Googling to come up with another option - a smaller, flatter flower embellishment. I found a few nifty options at Paper and Stitch. I went with option 4 - the wavy rosette.

First step is cutting out a circle with wavy edges then cutting it so you have one long wavy piece of wool.

You then roll it up and stitch it together so it doesn't fall apart. So darn easy and I love it!! I then added it to one of my toques. I'm super happy with this one. Yay!

For the other toque I wanted to use a button. I didn't have anything in my stash that would work so found myself at Button Button yesterday.

I bought a couple of buttons - one for my grey/black toque and one to save for a future toque creation. The metal button was pretty kewl!

Here are the two final embellishments for my upcycled wool sweater toques.

I'm super happy with these guys!!

Now to make some super colourful, funsie toques!


Crafty goodness & funsie wedding gifties

Spring has sprung! So pumped for warmer weather, sunshine and maybe getting some crafting done outside... Yup! Maybe some furniture refinishing is in my not too distant future. Kewl!

For now I'm working on mini projects. Whatever seems to strike my fancy is the plan. I worked on frame updates last weekend. I had a few saved up so I could do an assembly line of updates.

My main plan was to work on a wedding gift for my friend Keely. She's getting married next month and I wanted to make her something special. I helped design her wedding invite and that's what I used as inspiration. She took this photo then we added the frame for the cover of her wedding invite. It's so her and pretty priceless. My plan was to find a frame, refinish it and replicate the digital version into something she could hang in her home.

I found the perfect frame awhile ago at the Lions Gate Thrift Store. It was a bit extravagant for me. I paid $10 for the frame.

Here's a few of the frames I planned to refinish last weekend. All thrift store finds.

I found two other frames to add into the mix.

I also found even more drawer pulls. Some of which are from my days of scavenging at the Sechelt dump.

I decided to shabby chic a few drawer pulls while I was working on the frame updates. Very efficient I know!

Here's the updated frame. I used gold craft paint and rubbed it into the surface plus tung oil to give the exposed wood a deeper brown hue. I didn't want it too gaudy but it needed to look like the wedding invite.

Meanwhile I shabby chic-ed this frame. Not sure what I'll do with it - maybe add cork, a chalkboard or photo. I'm liking it so far!

Here's the uber boring frame update - tung oil and varathane. Yawn!

And here's it is! I needed to get the glass cut from Capilano Glass. What a deal! It was $5.50 for the glass. The frame was an odd size which meant I needed to get the glass specially cut. I'll remember that for future updates! I love the final piece. Very funsie! And it cost under $20 for everything. Dealorama!

And just in case it's too funsie I refinished another thrift store frame and added the print to it. Keely can have both and decide what she wants to do with them. Hope she likes them!

And she liked them! Especially this one. Love love love sharing the crafty goodness.

And now back to my upcycled wool sweater toques. I'm working on yet another option for the toque embellishment. A crafter's/upcycler's work is never done!


An easy peasy DIY toque

There's nothing better than an easy peasy DIY/upcycling project! Last night I stitched up a toque using thrift store finds. I'm making a slight change tonight but otherwise I'm super happy with the toque. So much so that I'm making more!

I found this wool jacket at the Lions Gate Thrift Store a couple of weeks ago. It's black and grey with some ribbing in the finish. Perfect colour, texture, etc! So I felted it!

I also found these earrings I thought I could use them for something. I decided to turn them into buttons.

I got out my trusty pair of pliers and voila! I turned the stem into a circle to make them buttons. So darn simple!

Here's the beginnings of my toque. I didn't take the best in progress shots so I'll be sure to do that tonight. I used an old toque as my pattern. I first cut two pieces then stitched them together to create the basic toque. I thought I could use my buttons as subtle details.

I added another piece of the wool around the bottom then sewed the buttons on.

Here's the final toque. It's darn cold for spring here so I was able to wear my new-to-me toque today. I'm not grooving on the buttons. I'm replacing them with a solid grey mini wool flower. Then making another toque. It took me maybe an hour to make this. Yay for funky, easy projects!

Here's my A Beautiful Mess how to collage.

I'll post an update on my DIY toque adventures later. I'm also posting about my nifty frame updates from the weekend. I'm a crafting goddess lately!


Those 'easy' updates that turn into never-ending projects

Last weekend, after kicking craft butt with my salvaged wood organizers, I got back into a chair update from months ago. It's a gorgeous teak chair that was given to me. I was reupholstering it with a grey ultra suede for a friend. I refinished the chair then reupholstered the seat. Then took a break when it got to the hard part - the back rest. Ugh.

The fabric was staple gunned into the bottom of the back rest. It was like surgery! So I got out my trusty tools and got comfy!

It took me maybe an hour to pull out the staples plus fabric.

And I was done! It was actually super relaxing just chilling out and ripping out the staples.

Here's me mid-way through the back rest. The chair is pretty darn swanky! And the ultra suede is perfect!

And then this happened. Yikes! I tore the fabric 70% through the reupholstering process. Darn it all! I guess I'm starting again. Maybe this week. We'll see!

And on to other projects... I worked on frame updates yesterday. One is a gift for a friend's wedding. It's gonna be uber pretty!


Adventures with junk & power tools

Yay for power tools! Yesterday with it being so dreary and miserable out I stayed inside drilling 'things'. Was super fun! Friday afternoon I gathered supplies... A friend cut up a wood pallet for me. Here's my stash of wood.

I then picked up this plethora of drawer pulls for $6. Total score!

Here's my indoor set up. I'm ready to kick some upcycling butt!

I measured where to add holes, did some drilling then added the drawer pulls.

I had a mini accident - I broke one of the drill bits. Oops! I guess I don't know my own strength. Or something!

Last night I found MORE drawer pulls. I keep finding stashes here, there and everywhere.

These ones seemed so dated. I decided to give them a pseudo shabby chic finish. I added white craft paint, let it dry a bit then rubbed it off to enhance the floral design. I love how they look now! They totally suit the look of the upcycled wood organizer. Yay!

And here you go! I now have five complete organizers. I added hangers yesterday then sanded the wood a bit. They are all good to go!

I love the roughness of the wood with all it's imperfections. Fun and super pretty!

And here's my how to thanks to A Beautiful Mess.

I took more photos to show the complete organizers. Here's organizer #1...

This is the metal 'thing' I bought during my thrift store adventure on the Sunshine Coast. It certainly came in handy!

Organizer #2...

Organizer #3...

Organizer #4...

Organizer #5 - I made this last weekend...

I'm off to get crafty... Not sure what I'm going to make. I'm taking a break from organizers until next week. I might paint things this aft. Why not!