Workshops... Giving, getting, going

The past month I've not only been giving workshops but also going to some and then getting a few more partnerships set up. 2014 is going to be amazing for crafty goodness!

I met with Brigitte Stroud from www.DIYorDIE.ca this week. Looks like we're going to try setting up one of my 'junk' jewelry workshops in the near future. She's going to help set up the location, doing the marketing, etc. All I need to do is show up. Yay!

First step is to send my photo and bio for the website and then create some sample pieces for the promo. Thankfully my friend with power tools cut up a bunch of wine corks for me. So grateful I know peeps with kewl tools!

Here are a few samples... I still have some of the Japanese wrapping paper. I'm also trying wallpaper from Urban Source and then some origami paper.

I'm hoping the wallpaper works out - I love the colour and design!

I also attended a workshop via The Chinatown Experiment about pop up shops this week - what they are, how to set them up, etc. It was interesting... Might be something worth trying down the road. We'll see!

And then I was prepping for this aft's Habitat for Humanity upcycling workshop. This my example project #1. Not too shabby for a piece of salvaged wood and random drawer pulls.

I like the industrial look of the pulls, wood and then eye screws for hanging the organizer.

Here's my A Beautiful Mess how to... It really is quite the easy DIY project!

Yesterday I started on a couple of other ideas... I finished them off this morning thankfully!

This one is a photo board... I stenciled faux frames on the wood.

I painted the faux frames white then drew around the edges with pencil.

I then screwed in eyelets to both sides then used wire and wooden pegs for hanging the photos.

The third example is using really dated pulls.

I painted each of them a different colour using craft paint. I then added some mod podge.

I like the colours - very playful! And an easy way to update boring drawer pulls.

Here's Janis from the North Vancouver ReStore. She's uber fabulous! She took home one of my example projects.

Note: I had my first upcycling workshop fail this aft. Total bummer but had to happen at some point... Maybe it was the lack of advertising or too many things going on but we didn't have anyone show up for the workshop. Ah well... Onwards and upwards!

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