Snow days and craftiness

I wanted to make something new or try something different today other than sewing or stitching but I of course ended up making a scarf out of a felted wool sweater. Go figure!

First I cut a strip from a felted wool sweater - it was a horizontal strip from the main body of the sweater. I then cut the strip in half creating one long piece of wool.

I tried a few ideas out with creating a funky scarf. The simplest option seemed to be the best! I just stitched three of my wool flowers to each end of the wool strip.

I added some embellishment but ended up removing them. When I tried the scarf on it was best just wrapping it around my neck.

This is the scarf I ended up with using an upcycled wool sweater. Easy peasy! And again I'm lovin' my wool flowers!

Here I am rockin' my new to me scarf.

Now I need to make some jewelry and look into tracking down some furniture to update. I've decided summertime is hopefully going to be filled with some furniture refinishing!

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