Making cutie patootie headbands out of 'junk'

I'm working on some variations with my latest addiction - the upcycled wool floral brooches. I was asked to make a funky headband for a friend's daughter. Why not?! So here you go...

I used a metal washer as my template for the mini wool flowers.

I cut out six rounds...

I made a bunch of mini flowers.

And then found some elastic headbands at the loonie store.

I stitched three of the mini wool flowers to the elastic headband.

Here's headband creation number one.

I made a second headband update using scrap beads.

Here's the funkified headband.

Here's a quick and dirty A Beautiful Mess how to for my headband...

It's been a fabulously crafty weekend! Yay!

And I think I know what to do with wool flowers next! I have this old metal wreath form that's been kicking around my place the last while. I'd love to hang it inside my place with tons of lovely grey wool flowers. Maybe even add some repurposed jewelry. Could be funky!

Now to organize all of my craft/workshop supplies... Ugh... But it needs to be done. I'll definitely be sure to take a break and maybe paint 'things'.

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