Habitat for Humanity Upcycling Session at the BC Home + Garden Show

Last night I volunteered at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore booth at the BC Home + Garden Show. There were a few DIY upcycling sessions made available. Mine was showing people how to make jewelry organizers out of salvaged wood, old drawer pulls, etc.

I prepped a couple of examples beforehand. It was such an easy event to be part of - the tools were already set up, tons of supplies, etc.

And it's official - here I am!

They had a few projects available to people passing by - the jewelry organizer, a cabinet drawer tray, etc.

This lady was fantastic! She made a few projects in no time!

We made this one together. I love our selection of drawer pulls!

Here's the ReStore booth. They also had a booth across from this where people could buy furniture, home decor items, etc

Big thanks to Stephani from Habitat for Humanity for involving me!!

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