Gratitude gifties & getting pretty darn crafty

I'm seriously addicted to this upcycling project... Yup I'm making MORE floral brooches out of upcycled wool sweaters. I've kept one then the rest are being snail mailed off to friends. And my Mom also gets one of course! Next I'll be making some in bright colours for a tutorial for issue 3 of Made in Mag.

And last week and this week I've received packages myself. This is from my funky graphic designer friend Paula in Toronto. I have a swanky set of note cards now. Love surprise snail mail packages!

I also updated a thrift store find for myself. I bought these nifty earrings from the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $0.75/each. They're wood with a simple metal post. They're clip ons which I can't imagine wearing.

I decided to turn this pair into earrings with stems. So I got out my trusty pliers and removed the clip ons.

Then I Crazy Glue-ed the stems to the back.

And here I am rockin' my gorgeous new to me earrings. Love them!!

I'm going to turn these into rings. Why not!

And here's the A Beautiful Mess how to...

Loving all this crafty energy I got going on!

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