Exciting news & being a craft rockstar

Well it's official! Brigitte added me to the DIYorDIE.ca website. Yay! See the blog post with the welcome announcement and find me listed on the Meet Our Instructors page.

Next is to schedule my first workshop! We're going to make 'junk' jewelry. The tentative date is the evening of April 8th. I'll post details soon!

For now I need to prep sample pieces and send photos to help her promote the workshop. Here are a few of my sample pieces in the works.

Here's a pendant and earring set using wine cork rounds and wallpaper.

And my latest reprint of my MOO cards arrived this week. In the nick of time since I only had a few left!

It's been an interesting week. I had a Crafternoon with a bunch of Brownies on Monday evening. What fun! And to think I was paid to craft with a bunch of 8 and 9 year old girls. Crazy!

I'm lovin' my crafty peeps these days. Here are a few of my FAV volunteers at the Lions Gate Thrift Store.

Here I am with Alice and Maryanna.

And then there are my work peeps who donate toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, junk jewelry, etc. Feeling the TBD love right now!

Here's to the beginnings of a great year and to being a craft rockstar! Definitely rockin' it out so far!

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