Easy peasy thrift store update

Remember these clip on earrings I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $0.75?

Yesterday I was kicking some craft butt and decided to go ahead and turn them into rings. One for me, one for my Mom. I picked up some silver ring shanks from Michaels and used my stash of silver wire to add some details to the shank.

I first wrapped the ring shank with the silver wire...

I then Crazy Glue-ed the earring to the ring shank...

Wow - they totally turned out gorgeous! The clip on earrings ended up being a super fabulous thrift store score!

And here's my A Beautiful Mess how to... I'm getting it done this year. Lovin' all the craftiness going on!

Now to work on some more prep for this afternoon's Habitat for Humanity upcycling workshop at the North Vancouver ReStore

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