DIY wreath using thrift store finds

I had quite the zen-ful Saturday yesterday! It was rainy and gloomy out so I stayed in and chilled. Felt good to sit around getting crafty!

I worked on my DIY wreath using thrift store finds. My Mom donated this wire wreath form. It used to have pinecones and other embellishments glue gunned to it. It was pretty horrid to be honest. So I removed everything from the frame.

Next I cut up a grey wool sweater from the thrift store. I paid a few dollars for it with the intention of turning it into a plethora of wool flowers for the wreath update.

The sweater made 72 rounds that were approximately three inches in diameter. I had enough for 12 wool flowers.

At first I thought I would just stitch the wool flowers to the form but then I found this wool fabric at the thrift store. It's a light grey with soft darker grey lines. I thought it would look perfect with a few of the wool flowers as embellishments.

I cut the fabric into strips then wrapped the metal form. It's going to look gorgeous!

I then stitched four wool flowers to the wreath.

Next was figuring out a way to hang it. I decided to use part of the sweater for the hanger.

I ended up using the cuffs of the sweater.

Here's the final DIY wreath. I adore grey! And I adore that I used upcycled thrift store finds for the wreath.

The wool flowers look super pretty on the wreath. I might have to make a couple more wreaths in the future!

Here's my 'how to' via A Beautiful Mess...

Now what to make?! Love my crafty days! :-)

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