A bunch of upcycled wool sweater stuffies

I'm in quite the sewing frenzie lately. I have this baby blue wool sweater I picked up at the thrift store for $4 and it's gonna soon be a bunch of animal stuffies. I used part of it for some wool floral brooches as well. It's amazing how much you can make out of an upcycled wool sweater!

I decided to make an elephant stuffie first. Here's my pattern...

I used felt for the embellishments and buttons from the thrift store for eyes. Here's my first side of the elephant.

Here's both sides...

And here's the finished elephant. So darn cute! And easy to make!

And of course my A Beautiful Mess how to.

Next I made an owl. Here's my owl pattern.

And the front of my owl all good to go.

Here's the finished owl.

Next I made a cat... I've now made three stuffies and atleast one floral brooch from the sweater.

Here's my cat so far...

And all stitched up!

I still have the back of the sweater for more stuffies!

I decided to make another owl plus a bunny then a couple of mini stuffies.

Once these are done then I'll find homes for them. I already found happy homes for my elephant and one of my owl stuffies. So fun to pass the crafty love on!

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