Snow days and craftiness

I wanted to make something new or try something different today other than sewing or stitching but I of course ended up making a scarf out of a felted wool sweater. Go figure!

First I cut a strip from a felted wool sweater - it was a horizontal strip from the main body of the sweater. I then cut the strip in half creating one long piece of wool.

I tried a few ideas out with creating a funky scarf. The simplest option seemed to be the best! I just stitched three of my wool flowers to each end of the wool strip.

I added some embellishment but ended up removing them. When I tried the scarf on it was best just wrapping it around my neck.

This is the scarf I ended up with using an upcycled wool sweater. Easy peasy! And again I'm lovin' my wool flowers!

Here I am rockin' my new to me scarf.

Now I need to make some jewelry and look into tracking down some furniture to update. I've decided summertime is hopefully going to be filled with some furniture refinishing!

Cutie patootie owl and bunny stuffies

I finished up my owl and bunny stuffies last night! Today I'm moving on to other crafty projects. I have more stuffies to stitch up but it's time to change gears.

Here's the beginnings of my stuffies...

I tried something different with the floppy ears for the bunny and kept the embellishments pretty simple.

Here's my family of animal stuffies. So darn cute!

I'm really happy with my bunny. I like how all of my stuffies have the same 'look' and all have a heart stitched to them.

The owl stuffies seem to be the big hit for some reason. Owls are trendy I guess. I love the wings!

And now onto other snow day craftiness. I might even get some 'real' work done. Why not?!


A bunch of upcycled wool sweater stuffies

I'm in quite the sewing frenzie lately. I have this baby blue wool sweater I picked up at the thrift store for $4 and it's gonna soon be a bunch of animal stuffies. I used part of it for some wool floral brooches as well. It's amazing how much you can make out of an upcycled wool sweater!

I decided to make an elephant stuffie first. Here's my pattern...

I used felt for the embellishments and buttons from the thrift store for eyes. Here's my first side of the elephant.

Here's both sides...

And here's the finished elephant. So darn cute! And easy to make!

And of course my A Beautiful Mess how to.

Next I made an owl. Here's my owl pattern.

And the front of my owl all good to go.

Here's the finished owl.

Next I made a cat... I've now made three stuffies and atleast one floral brooch from the sweater.

Here's my cat so far...

And all stitched up!

I still have the back of the sweater for more stuffies!

I decided to make another owl plus a bunny then a couple of mini stuffies.

Once these are done then I'll find homes for them. I already found happy homes for my elephant and one of my owl stuffies. So fun to pass the crafty love on!

Habitat for Humanity Upcycling Session at the BC Home + Garden Show

Last night I volunteered at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore booth at the BC Home + Garden Show. There were a few DIY upcycling sessions made available. Mine was showing people how to make jewelry organizers out of salvaged wood, old drawer pulls, etc.

I prepped a couple of examples beforehand. It was such an easy event to be part of - the tools were already set up, tons of supplies, etc.

And it's official - here I am!

They had a few projects available to people passing by - the jewelry organizer, a cabinet drawer tray, etc.

This lady was fantastic! She made a few projects in no time!

We made this one together. I love our selection of drawer pulls!

Here's the ReStore booth. They also had a booth across from this where people could buy furniture, home decor items, etc

Big thanks to Stephani from Habitat for Humanity for involving me!!


Made In Magazine Issue 3 & my latest tutorial are live

Made in Magazine's third issue went live today. Be sure to check it out!

It's 230 pages of crafty goodness! Including my latest and greatest tutorial. Yay!

Love Cynthia's note from the team. Cynthia is quite the prolific graphic designer, fabric designer, quilter, magazine editor and more! She's an inspiration to work with. I'm one lucky gal to be contributing to her baby.

Awww... Love the love. Big thanks to Cynthia and Made in Magazine.

Here's my tutorial found on page 165. Hope you like it! And I'm sporting my DIY headband. Looking pretty darn crafty!

Hope you'll check out Made in Magazine - maybe contribute, maybe suggest someone to feature.


DIY wreath using thrift store finds

I had quite the zen-ful Saturday yesterday! It was rainy and gloomy out so I stayed in and chilled. Felt good to sit around getting crafty!

I worked on my DIY wreath using thrift store finds. My Mom donated this wire wreath form. It used to have pinecones and other embellishments glue gunned to it. It was pretty horrid to be honest. So I removed everything from the frame.

Next I cut up a grey wool sweater from the thrift store. I paid a few dollars for it with the intention of turning it into a plethora of wool flowers for the wreath update.

The sweater made 72 rounds that were approximately three inches in diameter. I had enough for 12 wool flowers.

At first I thought I would just stitch the wool flowers to the form but then I found this wool fabric at the thrift store. It's a light grey with soft darker grey lines. I thought it would look perfect with a few of the wool flowers as embellishments.

I cut the fabric into strips then wrapped the metal form. It's going to look gorgeous!

I then stitched four wool flowers to the wreath.

Next was figuring out a way to hang it. I decided to use part of the sweater for the hanger.

I ended up using the cuffs of the sweater.

Here's the final DIY wreath. I adore grey! And I adore that I used upcycled thrift store finds for the wreath.

The wool flowers look super pretty on the wreath. I might have to make a couple more wreaths in the future!

Here's my 'how to' via A Beautiful Mess...

Now what to make?! Love my crafty days! :-)


Making cutie patootie headbands out of 'junk'

I'm working on some variations with my latest addiction - the upcycled wool floral brooches. I was asked to make a funky headband for a friend's daughter. Why not?! So here you go...

I used a metal washer as my template for the mini wool flowers.

I cut out six rounds...

I made a bunch of mini flowers.

And then found some elastic headbands at the loonie store.

I stitched three of the mini wool flowers to the elastic headband.

Here's headband creation number one.

I made a second headband update using scrap beads.

Here's the funkified headband.

Here's a quick and dirty A Beautiful Mess how to for my headband...

It's been a fabulously crafty weekend! Yay!

And I think I know what to do with wool flowers next! I have this old metal wreath form that's been kicking around my place the last while. I'd love to hang it inside my place with tons of lovely grey wool flowers. Maybe even add some repurposed jewelry. Could be funky!

Now to organize all of my craft/workshop supplies... Ugh... But it needs to be done. I'll definitely be sure to take a break and maybe paint 'things'.