Next upcycling workshop at the ReStore is coming up

Now that the Chinese New Year Crafternoon has come and gone, it's time to prep for Sunday's upcycling workshop at Habitat for Humanity's North Vancouver ReStore. We're repurposing wood salvaged from wood pallets. I picked up supplies yesterday. Salvaged wood, drawer pulls and some options for hanging the jewelry organizer.

I decided to attempt a quick example. I measured where I would drill the holes first...

It took a bit to drill the holes. The wood is pretty dense - this is my makeshift work space.

I added the four drawer pulls then started working on an option for hanging the organizer. I need to drill bigger holes in order to screw these in.

Also the screws for the pulls are too long... Or the wood isn't deep enough. So maybe I can find shorter screws or I could add washers. We'll see!

I sanded the wood a bit and added tung oil. Here's the start! Not too shabby!

While at the ReStore I was super tempted to grab this side table. A quick sand job, some oil then updating the pulls - it could be gorgeous! It's $50 which is more than I would usually spend but it's got definite potential! The legs are a bit dated but really a quick clean up of the finish and new drawer pulls would make a huge difference.

Meanwhile I'm gathering supplies for future Crafternoons - yup you can always use more cookie cutters. Love the cute little stars and hearts.

And origami paper for more 'junk' jewelry.

And I definitely needed to stock up on buttons. I got all of these guys for $1 at the Lions Gate Thrift Store. Total score!

And for anyone needing a zen-ful project... I'm cranking out more floral brooches. It's a great easy project you can work on in front of the TV, etc. I think I cut out enough rounds for 10 brooches.

And here they are... I'm giving these away to friends. Why not! Love sharing the crafty goodness.

This week I'm prepping for two Crafternoons - the upcycling workshop through Habitat for Humanity this Sunday and the Crafternoon with a local Brownies troop next week. Life is pretty darn wonderful!

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