More repurposing of old clothing

I'm really enjoying making sample projects for this weekend's Repurpose Old Clothing Upcycling Workshop. Today I'm switching gears and prepping for the DIY Stationery Upcycling Workshop. Here are a few of my latest sample projects...

I made this sleeve for my iPhone using wool from two thrift store sweaters. I used the sleeves. I like the combo of bright colours.

It took me a half hour to cut and sew this guy together. I added a handy pocket for cards, etc.

I'm lovin' the finished sleeve and how easy it was to make!

A quick and dirty coffee sleeve using the bottom of a felted wool sweater. I used the cable part of the sweater as a simple detail. Mustard yellow wool with bright pink stitching. Another super easy upcycling project!

I can't decide if this project is a fail or not. I took this $1.99 thrift store t-shirt and turned it into a flower brooch.

I layered a bunch of round cut outs. I also cut a couple of the beaded areas into leaves then added a bead to the middle.

I stitched a bar pin to the back of some green felt then stitched the t-shirt flower to the green felt.

Here's the completed brooch. It's a fun idea just not sure I'm happy with it.

I did create a how to collage for it though. Still have quite the A Beautiful Mess addiction! I might need to make another attempt at this upcycling project. We'll see!

In other news the promo for my North Vancouver City Library workshop has begun. I'm on their homepage...

And here's the entrance to the library...

Super pumped for the upcoming Crafternoons. 2014 is definitely happenin'!

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