Habitat for Humanity upcycling workshops

What a weekend! Saturday I had two Crafternoons in Richmond then on Sunday I headed to the Burnaby ReStore for the latest Habitat for Humanity upcycling workshop. It was a lighting workshop with Jamie Banfield.

Jamie put together a FAB presentation jam-packed with funky ideas for upcycling lighting.

Here's the quote of the day - 'think outside the lamp'...

Here's Jamie and Margaret from Welcome Home Designs - my new crafty peeps. We had a blast!

We checked out some of the funky finds at the ReStore. I thought these boards would be perfect for upcycling. I do have more workshops set up at the North Vancouver ReStore this spring. Maybe we can upcycle these!

I'm really glad I went to this workshop. Jamie was great! Enthusiastic, informative and passionate. We're both putting on DIY sessions at the Habitat for Humanity booth next month as part of the BC Home and Garden Show. But before then I'm putting on another upcycling workshop at the North Vancouver ReStore on February 2nd from 1pm to 3pm. We're upcycling salvaged wood. It's gonna be super fun!


  1. Lamps? Electricity? YIKES! I am always nervous about that, but I'll bet the workshop was helpful in addressing that.

  2. No need to be nervous... We didn't do any wiring. Just jammed on options for updating old lighting. Was super fun! Anyways I always rewire old lamps with my Dad. Craft dates with an electrical engineer - you can't go wrong! ;-)