Craft fails & refining those not so funky skills

Workshop prep has been intense lately. My place gets cleaned and organized after all of my workshops but beforehand... Holy smokes! Disaster area everywhere! Working on this, working on that, etc, etc, etc.

After prepping for the Repurpose Old Clothing workshop, I switched gears to prep for the DIY Stationery workshop. Lately it's been fun prepping since I'm trying to add some new projects to the mix. I'm also trying to refine some of my not so great skills. DIY stationery... Well I'm not so good at it. It's not my strength in some ways - definitely one of those 'need to work on' areas.

Love making gift tags. This one is using cereal box cardboard for the base then decoupaging magazine cut outs.

I also made fortune cookies out of scrap wallpaper. This wallpaper was a donation. It's gorgeous!

Then we have the toilet paper roll gift box. I used scrap paper and a button along with ribbon for the design.

Here are a few of my project samples for the workshop - a gift tag, an envelope, fortune cookies and a couple of gift boxes. My DIY card isn't in the photo... It was ugly!! A definite craft fail.

In other news... I found this funky wool sweater at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop this week. I've already felted it... And the buttons are pretty darn swanky! So we'll see what I can create with my nifty find.

Also when I was at Urban Source on Friday meeting up with Vicki and picking up the gift certificates I scored some kewl finds. I bought these wood rounds plus gorgeous paper... And guess what? Yup they're being turned into jewelry! Surprise, surprise!

Here's my start on the wood rounds - a pair of earrings plus pendant on the go.

And some super glittery wine cork earrings.

Feeling very crafty these days! Next I'm prepping for Saturday's Chinese New Year Crafternoon. And I also just set up a Crafternoon with a local Brownies troop. Me and twenty-five young girls. It's gonna be a blast!

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