Chinese New Year Crafternoon

Another weekend, another Crafternoon. The Chinese New Year Crafternoon took place on Saturday afternoon at the North Vancouver City Library. Boy it was a blast! It was sunny out so I figured there may not be too many participants... Maybe 10. Well we had over 30 and I saw a bunch of my regular crafty peeps. It was a super fabulous event!

My coworker Clare showed up with her daughter. She's showing off one of my floral brooches made from an upcycled wool sweater. I've been making tons of these and giving them to friends. Yup - I am ADDICTED to this craft project!

We made lanterns out of toilet paper rolls, construction paper, ribbons, old jewelry and buttons. Here's one of my crafty peeps with quite the cute lantern.

This is my new friend Jojo. He's a great addition to my gang of upcyclers. He fit right in. You really do meet so many kewl peeps at the Crafternoons. I am very blessed.

These guys drove in from Coquitlam for the Crafternoon. They added some origami birds to their lantern plus managed to make a swanky bracelet.

Here's a close up.

Another Crafternoon newbie with her lantern.

This lantern ended up looking pretty darn good - all you need is a toilet paper roll and construction paper in order to make something spectacular.

We had a few renegade projects... An upcycled plastic container turned into a basket.

A few handy dandy bookmarks.

And then there were all of these origami animals made from wallpaper and old magazines.

Here's one of my super keen crafters. She's made her lantern out of an upcycled file folder. Isn't her grandson quite the sweetheart?

And another happy crafter! Yay!

Big thanks to the North Vancouver City Library for hosting the Crafternoon. And loads of crafty love to all of the participants. It was such a fun way to spend my Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to more upcycling workshops this year!

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