Bob the Bunny

Here's Bob the Bunny last night... Just an idea I had. I did a rough sketch then hit the hay. I wanted to stitch up a sample stuffie out of an upcycled wool sweater for my upcoming Repurpose Old Clothing workshop with the City of Richmond. But I needed to make something other than an owl. Time for change so a bunny it is! I also wanted to use some of the big, bright buttons I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop awhile ago.

First I made a rough pattern. I wanted to use the neck of the felted sweater for the head of the bunny. I then cut out felt for the ears, nose and belly. First step was to stitch the felt on.

Here's Bob after the felt applique was complete. I changed his nose to pink instead of black.

And here's Bob with a bit of stitching and stuffing. He's starting to look pretty darn cute!

I used a purple floss to stitch Bob up. Isn't he adorable!

And of course I got messy with a BEautiful Mess - here's the how to collage. Yay! Rainy days are definitely crafty days!

Now onto other kewl crafty projects!

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