2014 is gonna be full of crafty goodness

2014 is starting with a bang! I'm on a roll with painting, being crafty, etc. I've got a few projects on the go right now. I'm creating three paintings using old canvasses from art school. I have a few friends expecting and am prepping some potential gifts for when the babies arrive. I thought these paintings would be great for a nursery.

Here are the two I started with - 'you are my SUNSHINE' and 'you are BERRY sweet'...

My third painting will be 'ORANGE you great'...

I also sent off more junk jewelry to friends as part of my gratitude gifties. I finished off these two pendants using scrap wood, Japanese paper and then metal washers.

And then I've been feeding my addiction to A Beautiful Mess... More how to collages...

How to make... A magic wand

How to update... Thrift store jewelry

How to create... Monster stuffies

I'm off for a quick thrift store jaunt then I'm gonna paint, craft and be happy. Lovin' 2014 so far!

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