Next upcycling workshop at the ReStore is coming up

Now that the Chinese New Year Crafternoon has come and gone, it's time to prep for Sunday's upcycling workshop at Habitat for Humanity's North Vancouver ReStore. We're repurposing wood salvaged from wood pallets. I picked up supplies yesterday. Salvaged wood, drawer pulls and some options for hanging the jewelry organizer.

I decided to attempt a quick example. I measured where I would drill the holes first...

It took a bit to drill the holes. The wood is pretty dense - this is my makeshift work space.

I added the four drawer pulls then started working on an option for hanging the organizer. I need to drill bigger holes in order to screw these in.

Also the screws for the pulls are too long... Or the wood isn't deep enough. So maybe I can find shorter screws or I could add washers. We'll see!

I sanded the wood a bit and added tung oil. Here's the start! Not too shabby!

While at the ReStore I was super tempted to grab this side table. A quick sand job, some oil then updating the pulls - it could be gorgeous! It's $50 which is more than I would usually spend but it's got definite potential! The legs are a bit dated but really a quick clean up of the finish and new drawer pulls would make a huge difference.

Meanwhile I'm gathering supplies for future Crafternoons - yup you can always use more cookie cutters. Love the cute little stars and hearts.

And origami paper for more 'junk' jewelry.

And I definitely needed to stock up on buttons. I got all of these guys for $1 at the Lions Gate Thrift Store. Total score!

And for anyone needing a zen-ful project... I'm cranking out more floral brooches. It's a great easy project you can work on in front of the TV, etc. I think I cut out enough rounds for 10 brooches.

And here they are... I'm giving these away to friends. Why not! Love sharing the crafty goodness.

This week I'm prepping for two Crafternoons - the upcycling workshop through Habitat for Humanity this Sunday and the Crafternoon with a local Brownies troop next week. Life is pretty darn wonderful!


Chinese New Year Crafternoon

Another weekend, another Crafternoon. The Chinese New Year Crafternoon took place on Saturday afternoon at the North Vancouver City Library. Boy it was a blast! It was sunny out so I figured there may not be too many participants... Maybe 10. Well we had over 30 and I saw a bunch of my regular crafty peeps. It was a super fabulous event!

My coworker Clare showed up with her daughter. She's showing off one of my floral brooches made from an upcycled wool sweater. I've been making tons of these and giving them to friends. Yup - I am ADDICTED to this craft project!

We made lanterns out of toilet paper rolls, construction paper, ribbons, old jewelry and buttons. Here's one of my crafty peeps with quite the cute lantern.

This is my new friend Jojo. He's a great addition to my gang of upcyclers. He fit right in. You really do meet so many kewl peeps at the Crafternoons. I am very blessed.

These guys drove in from Coquitlam for the Crafternoon. They added some origami birds to their lantern plus managed to make a swanky bracelet.

Here's a close up.

Another Crafternoon newbie with her lantern.

This lantern ended up looking pretty darn good - all you need is a toilet paper roll and construction paper in order to make something spectacular.

We had a few renegade projects... An upcycled plastic container turned into a basket.

A few handy dandy bookmarks.

And then there were all of these origami animals made from wallpaper and old magazines.

Here's one of my super keen crafters. She's made her lantern out of an upcycled file folder. Isn't her grandson quite the sweetheart?

And another happy crafter! Yay!

Big thanks to the North Vancouver City Library for hosting the Crafternoon. And loads of crafty love to all of the participants. It was such a fun way to spend my Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to more upcycling workshops this year!


Habitat for Humanity upcycling workshops

What a weekend! Saturday I had two Crafternoons in Richmond then on Sunday I headed to the Burnaby ReStore for the latest Habitat for Humanity upcycling workshop. It was a lighting workshop with Jamie Banfield.

Jamie put together a FAB presentation jam-packed with funky ideas for upcycling lighting.

Here's the quote of the day - 'think outside the lamp'...

Here's Jamie and Margaret from Welcome Home Designs - my new crafty peeps. We had a blast!

We checked out some of the funky finds at the ReStore. I thought these boards would be perfect for upcycling. I do have more workshops set up at the North Vancouver ReStore this spring. Maybe we can upcycle these!

I'm really glad I went to this workshop. Jamie was great! Enthusiastic, informative and passionate. We're both putting on DIY sessions at the Habitat for Humanity booth next month as part of the BC Home and Garden Show. But before then I'm putting on another upcycling workshop at the North Vancouver ReStore on February 2nd from 1pm to 3pm. We're upcycling salvaged wood. It's gonna be super fun!


Craft fails & refining those not so funky skills

Workshop prep has been intense lately. My place gets cleaned and organized after all of my workshops but beforehand... Holy smokes! Disaster area everywhere! Working on this, working on that, etc, etc, etc.

After prepping for the Repurpose Old Clothing workshop, I switched gears to prep for the DIY Stationery workshop. Lately it's been fun prepping since I'm trying to add some new projects to the mix. I'm also trying to refine some of my not so great skills. DIY stationery... Well I'm not so good at it. It's not my strength in some ways - definitely one of those 'need to work on' areas.

Love making gift tags. This one is using cereal box cardboard for the base then decoupaging magazine cut outs.

I also made fortune cookies out of scrap wallpaper. This wallpaper was a donation. It's gorgeous!

Then we have the toilet paper roll gift box. I used scrap paper and a button along with ribbon for the design.

Here are a few of my project samples for the workshop - a gift tag, an envelope, fortune cookies and a couple of gift boxes. My DIY card isn't in the photo... It was ugly!! A definite craft fail.

In other news... I found this funky wool sweater at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop this week. I've already felted it... And the buttons are pretty darn swanky! So we'll see what I can create with my nifty find.

Also when I was at Urban Source on Friday meeting up with Vicki and picking up the gift certificates I scored some kewl finds. I bought these wood rounds plus gorgeous paper... And guess what? Yup they're being turned into jewelry! Surprise, surprise!

Here's my start on the wood rounds - a pair of earrings plus pendant on the go.

And some super glittery wine cork earrings.

Feeling very crafty these days! Next I'm prepping for Saturday's Chinese New Year Crafternoon. And I also just set up a Crafternoon with a local Brownies troop. Me and twenty-five young girls. It's gonna be a blast!

City of Richmond Environmental Sustainability Workshops

I am truly crazy for my Crafternoons. Love them! Case in point - this weekend I had two Crafternoons through the City of Richmond and they were so much fun! We had approximately 15 people in each workshop. A bunch of people ended up taking both. My partner-in-crime was Emy. She originally contacted me last year about proposing classes that would run as part of the City of Richmond's Environmental Sustainability Workshop Series.

The workshops took place at the Richmond Cultural Centre. I used my iPhone GPS to get out there without getting lost. I've been loads of new places lately because of the Crafternoons. It's going to a FAB 2014 filled with new experiences, new people, new adventures!

The first workshop was DIY Stationery. We made fortune cookies, gift tags, cards... These were made using funky wallpaper from Urban Source and cereal box cardboard.

Scrap fabric, paper and random buttons are perfect for the toilet paper roll project - a mini gift box.

Here are a couple of my star participants. Actually everyone was super fun and industrious for both workshops. These two are showing off their floral brooches... And some upcycled t-shirt projects.

The upcycled wool sweater floral brooch was a hit. Everyone was making a few of these. They're super easy and funky!

Some wool sweater birds...

And big thanks to Vicki at Urban Source. Not only did I give away my crafty projects but we also were able to give these certificates away as door prizes. Spreading the upcycling, crafty love in a big way!

My upcycled t-shirt pillow cover found a very happy home. Makes me happy to pass the crafty goodness on. And I made so many kewl new crafty peeps yesterday. Life is good!

I'll be setting up more workshops later this year with the City of Richmond. They are so wonderful to work with!


More repurposing of old clothing

I'm really enjoying making sample projects for this weekend's Repurpose Old Clothing Upcycling Workshop. Today I'm switching gears and prepping for the DIY Stationery Upcycling Workshop. Here are a few of my latest sample projects...

I made this sleeve for my iPhone using wool from two thrift store sweaters. I used the sleeves. I like the combo of bright colours.

It took me a half hour to cut and sew this guy together. I added a handy pocket for cards, etc.

I'm lovin' the finished sleeve and how easy it was to make!

A quick and dirty coffee sleeve using the bottom of a felted wool sweater. I used the cable part of the sweater as a simple detail. Mustard yellow wool with bright pink stitching. Another super easy upcycling project!

I can't decide if this project is a fail or not. I took this $1.99 thrift store t-shirt and turned it into a flower brooch.

I layered a bunch of round cut outs. I also cut a couple of the beaded areas into leaves then added a bead to the middle.

I stitched a bar pin to the back of some green felt then stitched the t-shirt flower to the green felt.

Here's the completed brooch. It's a fun idea just not sure I'm happy with it.

I did create a how to collage for it though. Still have quite the A Beautiful Mess addiction! I might need to make another attempt at this upcycling project. We'll see!

In other news the promo for my North Vancouver City Library workshop has begun. I'm on their homepage...

And here's the entrance to the library...

Super pumped for the upcoming Crafternoons. 2014 is definitely happenin'!