Xmas Crafternoon prep

After getting back from my adventures in Cuba, I went straight into making sample Xmas ornaments. I had two Crafternoons this past weekend and they were super fun! My projects included updating old ornaments then a few ornaments made from 'junk' like old wool sweaters, junky jewelry and items from your recycle bin.

I've been tracking down supplies from the local thrift stores. I've been finding tons of new to me ornaments like these for super cheap.

Also finding loads of funky jewelry to repurpose.

Ornaments and coasters...

Also got a bunch of donated jewelry from my Mom. This will definitely come in handy!

Now that I've got my supplies next is pulling out my tricks of the trade and getting crafty stuff happening! Here are my trusty cookie cutters.

I also decided to use these retro organic gardening magazines a workshop participant had donated to the TBD cause.

So my first two ornaments are easy peasy. One is made by upcycling one of the thrift store coasters.

The other is upcycled cereal box cardboard with a mod podged graphic on it. The graphic is from one of the organic gardening magazines.

I then stitched up an owl ornmanet using a felted wool sweater, a bit of felt and then scrap buttons.

Here's the completed owl. So cute!

Here are a few of the sample ornaments.

Next project is making ornaments out of upcycled egg cartons. Neat how you can make the kewlest stuff out of toilet paper rolls and egg cartons!

Next I'll be posting photos from my two Crafternoons from this weekend. Next weekend is the Crafternoon at the Guildford Library and the Holiday Upcycle at the North Vancouver ReStore. Check out my website for details at www.thriftybydesign.ca.

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