My craft mojo is back!

I mailed off six gratitude gifties to friends on the weekend. Snail mail is definitely a lost art so I'm finding it super fun to pack up some jewelry then send it off to friends. Most of whom don't know they're receiving a present from me. And for no reason... Just cause they are pretty fabulous.

I started on more wine cork jewelry since I want to send out more snail mail packages this week.

And my most favourite Xmas purchase is a bunch of pliers. Wow! What a difference it makes to have a plethora of pliers and different types and sizes. I am lovin' them! And they were cheap. I suspect cheaper than going to Michaels.

And here they are - my pliers from Home Depot. I think I paid $15 for seven pliers in total. Kewl!

I'm happy to report that my craft mojo is back with a vengeance. Mainly because I finally kicked that darn cold I had. That was truly annoying but all gone now. So making jewelry... I also want to sew more stuffies and pillow covers. And I started on a couple of paintings.

And while not crafting I'm searching out crafty inspiration. Found these cutie patooties at Orling and Wu in Gastown. I figure I can make something similar for a friend whose expecting a spring baby. I got the mojo, I got the inspiration... Now to find the time!

Man oh man - 2014 is going to rock! Ending 2013 with a bunch of vim and vigor... Love having my crafty mojo back in action!

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