More prep & craftiness for upcoming workshops

This week involved a bit of prep work for this weekend's Crafternoons. Some of my workshop samples 'disappeared' last weekend. One broke and then a couple just vanished. I also needed to replenish some supplies like egg cartons and junk jewelry. Thank goodness for my friends and coworkers. I had some donations of cereal boxes and egg cartons.

And then I found some junk jewelry that would be perfect for Xmas crafting. Yay!

I also picked up a few other potentially useful items.

And then I got crafty. I've decided I really love sewing & stitching 'stuff' up. I made a cutie patootie bird ornament using scrap wool and buttons.

I also made a super sweet elephant ornament out of scrap wool and junky jewelry.

Then I updated a thrift store ornament with glitter then glued on some rhinestones.

I also needed to make a new Xmas tree ornament out of upcycled egg cartons. Kind of nifty how you can make something out egg cartons, glitter and junk jewelry!

Usually I give my projects away after the workshops but I think I may keep these two ornaments. I love the bird!

And the elephant.

The eyeballs are kind of neat. Also love the grey and light blue.

Once my workshops are over then I'll be making Xmas gifties for friends. Yay for crafting!

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