Holiday Upcycle Workshop

Another weekend, another Xmas Crafternoon! Upcycling workshop number four of four was on Sunday at the North Vancouver ReStore. It was a perfect partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Sonia, my partner-in-crime, and I took items found in the ReStore and then upcycled them. Here's Sonia. She's a super duper partner and upcycler!

Here are the glass balls we upcycled. They're from a repurposed chandelier. We had a small group for the workshop so I was able to craft with everyone. I used old buttons and junk jewelry for my ornament.

Here's our team of upcyclers. We had approximately 10 participants.

Loads of impassioned upcycling was happening.

Here's one of the projects in progress.

And my finished ornament on the tree.

I used buttons for the bottom and top then a few different beads for the inside.

Yay for happy crafters!

And glue guns!

Getting into the Xmas spirit in a big way!

Beads, sparkles and foliage...

Some of the finished ornaments.

Big thanks to Sonia and Habitat for Humanity for a super FAB workshop. Check my website for updates... Sonia and I are planning more crafty, fun events in 2014! Next I have an event at a school and then I'm having a couple of Xmas craft dates with friends. Onwards and upwards!

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