Coffee, crafting & gratitude gifties

My craft mojo is coming back... Phew! I've been struggling with a nasty cold the past week or so and it got in the way of me and my crafty plans. But no more... And all because of this paper I scored on Xmas day. Yay!

It's some Japanese wrapping paper my Mom has had for ages. Once I saw it I knew I was going to use it for 'something'!

I decided to make some wine cork jewelry. I spent my Boxing Day with coffee and crafting - perfect! I dropped by the North Vancouver ReStore last week and they let me use their vice so I could cut some wine cork rounds knowing I would have some time over the holidays to make 'stuff'. Here's a start on some earrings.

Here's my assembly line of 'junk' jewelry. I might make a couple of pendants out of scrap wood as well. Why not!

The paper along with wood varnish looks pretty darn funky!

I've decided to give all of these away to friends... As surprises. Gratitude gifties via snail mail for friends who have meant a lot to me this year.

Pendant and earring sets... When it's handmade it doesn't have to be 'perfect'. I'm really happy with the junk jewelry!

The paper really suits the wine cork rounds. Next is to pack them up and mail them off.

Next I may be sewing! I've been wanting to make a pillow for one of my BFFs the past while and I may just get started today.


  1. I love these. I am wondering what tool you used to cut the cork so cleanly? Thanks!

  2. Hi Angel! I used a vice and a hand saw for some. I also was able to get a friend with a workshop to cut them using his band saw which gave an even nicer cut. He also used his drill press to cut up scrap wood for the pendants I made - http://blog.thriftybydesign.ca/2014/01/2014-is-gonna-be-full-of-crafty-goodness.html. Love friends with power tools! :-)