Adventures in Cuba

Well I've been back for a week from my 2 week adventure in Cuba. It was an amazing trek and mainly because I had a super cutie patootie travel partner, Roly. Here we are enjoying some beach time. What a fun adventure with the most perfect partner-in-crime!

My first day in Havana felt like I never left. I remembered my bearings and was able to take the day to myself and get reacquainted.

I found these pieces made from banana leaves in Plaza de la Catedral.

Here's the artist at work.

Trekking around Havana and yup there's still tons of restoration work happening.

Found a pretty funky coffee shop just outside of Plaza de la Catedral. It was a coffee and art shop.

This visit to Cuba was great for doing non-touristy stuff and for meeting kewl locals. This is Camilo - he owns the coffee shop and he's a lawyer.

Neato sculpture made from old American car parts.

And one of my most favourite things about Cuba - the architecture. Wow!

So many awesome buildings throughout Havana.

Roly and I rented a car and man were we able to get around. We spent a couple of days in Cienfeugos. This is Martis Square.

I love this building. Very kewl details!

Here's another view.

I loved this mural... I'm assuming it's based off of one of Matisse's paintings.

Random kewl building shot.

We had a couple of beach breaks. You can't beat the Cuban sand and ocean. Amazing!

Next stop was Trinidad. We spent a couple of days here. It's a gorgeous city.

Yup more funky architecture.

And more...

And even more...

One day we toured outside of Trinidad visiting the mountains, etc. We then visited this farmer's house. He had a natural spring on his property with a waterfall. We hung out at the waterfall then had lunch and cigars. Ya gotta love vacations!

Talk about a 'rustic' kitchen set up.

It was a fun afternoon. Here's Roly smoking his cigar. Something I never really got into. Yuck!

Before we left Trinidad we stopped by this ceramic store.

Kind of neat how we could watch this guy creating pieces.

Highway adventures include rice being dried on the highway then sweeped up and bagged.

And then there was the stop at the crocodile farm where they house 4500 crocodiles. Man did it stink! We saw babies, adults and everything in-between.

One of my cheesy tourist pics. Aren't we a cute couple!

We stopped in Playa GirĂ³n and found this funky house.

We also hung out at this stunning beach. There was a pond filled with fish that we swam with. Unbelievable!

And we're back in Havana after our week long road trip. Love this shot!

We went to visit Jesus Christ of Havana. What an amazing view of Havana and El Capitolio.

Here's Jesus Christ of Havana.

Gotta love Instagram for artsy fartsy shots!

I'm nearing the end of my trip so we went for mojitos at the National Hotel. These guys serenaded us. Gonna miss mojitos, being serenaded, kewl architecture and amazing adventure partners.

From my last day... Love just happening on gorgeous architecture.

So that's a quick snapshot of my trip. I didn't share everything but it gives you an idea that it was amazing and filled with so much goodness! Here's to more adventures in 2014. Life is awesome!

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