My craft mojo is back!

I mailed off six gratitude gifties to friends on the weekend. Snail mail is definitely a lost art so I'm finding it super fun to pack up some jewelry then send it off to friends. Most of whom don't know they're receiving a present from me. And for no reason... Just cause they are pretty fabulous.

I started on more wine cork jewelry since I want to send out more snail mail packages this week.

And my most favourite Xmas purchase is a bunch of pliers. Wow! What a difference it makes to have a plethora of pliers and different types and sizes. I am lovin' them! And they were cheap. I suspect cheaper than going to Michaels.

And here they are - my pliers from Home Depot. I think I paid $15 for seven pliers in total. Kewl!

I'm happy to report that my craft mojo is back with a vengeance. Mainly because I finally kicked that darn cold I had. That was truly annoying but all gone now. So making jewelry... I also want to sew more stuffies and pillow covers. And I started on a couple of paintings.

And while not crafting I'm searching out crafty inspiration. Found these cutie patooties at Orling and Wu in Gastown. I figure I can make something similar for a friend whose expecting a spring baby. I got the mojo, I got the inspiration... Now to find the time!

Man oh man - 2014 is going to rock! Ending 2013 with a bunch of vim and vigor... Love having my crafty mojo back in action!


My new addiction - A Beautiful Mess

I am addicted to the app, A Beautiful Mess. I've been playing with it a bunch the past day. Fun! I put together some easy peasy collages that are mini how to guides on crafty projects I've been working on.

My first how to included four photos highlighting the basic steps of making 'junk' jewelry starting with the wine cork rounds then adding the paper, etc.

Next I put one together for my art school painting update. I have more art school canvasses I'm updating in the next while so seemed timely.

And then one of my favourite easy projects were these free cork boards I received then customized by stenciling words on them.

I also added this one into the mix - making art using materials from your recycle bin.

Another quick and dirty project were these cat stuffies using scrap/sample fabric with old buttons.

And finally this collage was all about upcycling wool sweaters into ornaments with the addition of old buttons and repurposed junk jewelry.

I'm going to make a few more plus tweek the format/design. I've just been importing photos from Instagram then adding a border and text. Love them!


Coffee, crafting & gratitude gifties

My craft mojo is coming back... Phew! I've been struggling with a nasty cold the past week or so and it got in the way of me and my crafty plans. But no more... And all because of this paper I scored on Xmas day. Yay!

It's some Japanese wrapping paper my Mom has had for ages. Once I saw it I knew I was going to use it for 'something'!

I decided to make some wine cork jewelry. I spent my Boxing Day with coffee and crafting - perfect! I dropped by the North Vancouver ReStore last week and they let me use their vice so I could cut some wine cork rounds knowing I would have some time over the holidays to make 'stuff'. Here's a start on some earrings.

Here's my assembly line of 'junk' jewelry. I might make a couple of pendants out of scrap wood as well. Why not!

The paper along with wood varnish looks pretty darn funky!

I've decided to give all of these away to friends... As surprises. Gratitude gifties via snail mail for friends who have meant a lot to me this year.

Pendant and earring sets... When it's handmade it doesn't have to be 'perfect'. I'm really happy with the junk jewelry!

The paper really suits the wine cork rounds. Next is to pack them up and mail them off.

Next I may be sewing! I've been wanting to make a pillow for one of my BFFs the past while and I may just get started today.

Crafternoon love

I've been getting the nicest emails lately about my Crafternoons... Not just from individual participants but from the organizations I partner up with. So 2014 is looking like it'll be filled with Crafternoons, new and old crafty peeps, etc. I'm a very happy crafty chick these days! YAY!

Here's one of my FAV photos - it's from Maralyn, Olivia and Natalie. We have regular Crafternoon dates. Love these guys!

And this is one of my FAV emails - it's from Meghan at Guildford Library. She's such a great Crafternoon partner-in-crime!

    I just wanted to send you an official Thank You on behalf of Surrey Libraries! Our 70 attendees were so delighted with your Crafternoon on Saturday, with the majority of attendees asking for more Crafternoons. Here is some of their feedback:

    "Denise is awesome."
    "We had a fabulous time - thank you."
    "Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event. We had so much fun."
    "This was great!"
I'm so pumped for an amazing 2014! Today I'm making junk jewelry to mail off to friends... Surprise packages I'm calling gratitude gifties. I have so much to be grateful for so ya gotta share the crafty love.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season!


More Crafternoons are on the way

I'm rockin' the Crafternoons these days. After my four Xmas Crafternoons, I'm taking a mini breather. I did have a craft date with 25 ten year olds on Friday though. It was through a friend. Her daughter goes to Ross Road Elementary and is part of the Environment Club there. I dropped by for a lunch craft session. We made fridge magnets, jewelry and pins out of repurposed junk. It was a blast! Next I'm having a 'Craftinner' with friends on Tuesday night - potluck dinner and crafting. YAY!

Otherwise I'm planning Crafternoons for 2014. I'm having a Chinese New Year Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library on January 25th from 1:30pm to 3pm. I'll also be having another Crafternoon at one of the Habitat for Humanity ReStores in either February or March.

Other TBD news includes an interview with the North Shore News about holiday upcycling. That should be out soon enough! I'll post the link once it's published. And I've received some super lovely feedback about my Crafternoons. Feeling very loved these days. So I'm sharing the love! This weekend I'm finishing up more Xmas ornaments out of old wool sweaters and making junk jewelry to send off as thanks to a few kewl peeps.

I was going to keep these guys but I'm mailing them off to new homes on Monday.

I'm making a couple of more bird ornaments and a tree ornament. Love hand stitching funky stuffies!

This week I met up with my new upcycling peep Inis at Squamish Rebuild. She's been super crafty lately.

She's made some nifty ornaments out of old light bulbs, scrap wood, Scrabble pieces, etc. Very inspiring!

This aft I'm getting crafty then heading to the Sunshine Coast for a fun night with friends. Hope everyone is getting into the Xmas spirit!


Holiday Upcycle Workshop

Another weekend, another Xmas Crafternoon! Upcycling workshop number four of four was on Sunday at the North Vancouver ReStore. It was a perfect partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Sonia, my partner-in-crime, and I took items found in the ReStore and then upcycled them. Here's Sonia. She's a super duper partner and upcycler!

Here are the glass balls we upcycled. They're from a repurposed chandelier. We had a small group for the workshop so I was able to craft with everyone. I used old buttons and junk jewelry for my ornament.

Here's our team of upcyclers. We had approximately 10 participants.

Loads of impassioned upcycling was happening.

Here's one of the projects in progress.

And my finished ornament on the tree.

I used buttons for the bottom and top then a few different beads for the inside.

Yay for happy crafters!

And glue guns!

Getting into the Xmas spirit in a big way!

Beads, sparkles and foliage...

Some of the finished ornaments.

Big thanks to Sonia and Habitat for Humanity for a super FAB workshop. Check my website for updates... Sonia and I are planning more crafty, fun events in 2014! Next I have an event at a school and then I'm having a couple of Xmas craft dates with friends. Onwards and upwards!


Winter Crafternoon Workshop

Wow! Yesterday's Winter Crafternoon at the Guildford Library in Surrey was amazing! We had quite the turn out. There were approximately 70 participants. Thank goodness I had two helpers!

There were some interesting projects...

Loads of my supplies are pretty minimal now so I'll be on the hunt for buttons, wool sweaters, etc.

This is my favourite ornament - it's a donut.

This guy stitched up an owl ornament with his Mom. So cute!

Things got a bit messy but we were able to contain the paint, glitter and glue.

A couple of my crafty friends joined in. My buddy Carol made this gift tag using a laminate sample, junk jewelry and a graphic from some old magazines...

And Lelainia made a couple of ornaments out of scrap wool.

There was tons of crafting happening!

Love happy crafters!

And more happy crafters...

And again the owl stuffie was the hit project. Everyone wanted to make the owl... Love the eyes on this one.

Great colour combo...

The eyes on this one are pretty kewl too!

Big thanks to Megan at Guildford Library! Not only did she set up the Crafternoon but she was a HUGE help during and afterwards. I'm really lovin' my library partnerships with the upcycling workshops. Happy crafting!