Crazy for my Crafternoons

Yup I'm crazy for my Crafternoons! Which is good since I have a bunch coming up. This past weekend I had a Crafternoon at my place. Was so much fun! I had old friends, new friends, workshop peeps... And my Mom. At some point there were 20 people in my one bedroom place. It was one of those crazy fun moments. Or maybe that was the mix of caffeine, sugar and crafting!

My buddy Diana took some photos - I did not. Bad blogger but I was playing hostess so was pretty distracted. We made junk jewelry. A lot of people left with a few pieces of jewelry. I definitely have to plan another Crafternoon at my place in the new year!

I'm off on an adventure on Monday for 2 weeks. I'm heading back to Havana to trek around with a friend who lives there. It's going to be amazing since I'll get to experience a new perspective of Cuba. No touristy stuff and I can't say I'll ever do that all-inclusive thing anytime soon. Adventure awaits! Yay!

When I get back I have three Xmas Crafternoons set up. Here's promo poster number 1... It's pretty funsie plus I love the line - 'Denise is a bundle of effervescent energy and fun'. Here's hoping I am all those things!

I may have a couple of other workshops and happenings coming up in December. I'll keep you posted!

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