Crafty packages, free chairs & Crafternoons

And my free chair is done. I love it!! It's definitely a keeper.

This week I sanded it some more - used my trusty scraper to get rid of the shellac finish then added a stain and a bit oil. It's a beauty!



Meanwhile my three crafty packages arrived. This is Danielle. I met her through the TV production company that approached me about trying out for a TV show. She's super fabulous so I sent her off some wine cork earrings and a pendant.

This is my BFF Rhonda. I've known her for over 20 years. We met at art school. She's rockin' some wine cork earrings and a scrap wood/paper pendant.

And here's my BFF Tara. I sent her and her son some funky pieces. This pendant is made using repurposed thrift store finds.

This weekend I'm finally cleaning up my place - I need to reorganize my workshop supplies, etc. And then Sunday I'm having a Crafternoon at my place. Old friends, new friends, workshop peeps and my Mom. It's gonna be a blast! Goodies, coffee, crafting, etc. So excited!

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