And another Xmas Crafternoon has been confirmed

I confirmed another Xmas Crafternoon yesterday. I'm partnering with Habitat for Humanity for a Xmas upcycling workshop in their North Vancouver ReStore for December 8th. The time has not been confirmed but we have some materials from the store we'll be using in the workshop.

First our these glass balls. We're turning them into ornaments!

I've started collecting supplies for 3 sample updates. I want to drop these off before I go on my adventure on Monday.

I decided to incorporate some of my latest junk jewelry finds like this necklace from the Salvation Army for $3.99.

I also want to take apart this jewelry donation from a coworker.

Here's my first update using foliage from my parents' back garden. This ornament uses greenery, repurposed jewelry and ribbon. I really like it!

The next ornament will use more foliage and twine.

Here are my stash of supplies from today - items from the ReStore and foliage from my parents' garden.

I also want to use drawer pulls and an old cabinet for hanging decorations and stockings. Should be easy peasy!

And I've been collecting thrift store ornaments to update in the other Xmas Crafternoons. Feels weird to be thinking about Xmas just before heading off to a sunny place for some time off. Xmas crafting will be in full swing when I get back!

I've listed all of my upcoming Xmas Crafternoons on my TBD website at www.thriftybydesign.ca/news.html. Hope to see you at one or a few of them!

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