Superheros & stars, etc

Nothing says superhero like adding stars to a project. Here's my handy dandy star cookie cutter. I'll be using it for a few of my superhero projects... It also comes in handy for Xmasy projects. Those are coming up fast!

First upcycling project using the star is making a magic wand using an old wool sweater, ribbon and a plastic tube from a bouquet of flowers I received awhile back. Yup I have my hoarder moments where I stash weird items away to repurpose. Or so it seems!

I cut out the stars then stitched the ribbon to the inside of the wool to ensure it stayed in place. I then stitched the stars together and added eco fill. Finally I used a bit of white glue on the plastic tube hoping it'll make the star sit securely then added the star. Done! Feeling very sparkly and magical!

Here's my other project using old wool sweaters and the star - superhero wristbands. Another easy peasy project! I stitched stars to the grey wool then added buttons to the side.

Here it is! Now I'm feeling powerful. And kewl of course!

In other crafty news I have an assembly line of wine cork pendants and earrings in the works. I took a breather from superhero projects and cut up some cork rounds.

I have quite a few stockpiled since I only worked on a few jewelry pieces.

I managed to mod podge paper last night plus add a coat of wood varnish.

I think these ones are going to be gorgeous! Yay!

Now to enjoy some lovely Fall weather, partake in a fabulous Thanksgiving feast and just be darn grateful for my family, friends, life, craftiness, etc, etc, etc. Happy Thanksgiving crafty peeps!

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