Superhero Outfit Upcycling Workshop

Yippee! Had a super duper fun time at the Trade School Vancouver workshop at Blim. I was a bit bummed since it didn't fill up but it worked out for the best. I had super kewl crafty peeps come along, bring goodies and make stuff. I dragged a ton of supplies downtown for the workshop including my fancy dancy Singer sewing machine.

Here's my new crafty friends making their outfits.

My buddy Beatrix showed up. Her and her Mom, Charlotte, made capes and masks. I gave Beatrix my magic wand. She granted a wish for me. So sweet!

Adore happy crafters... I gave her one of my metal washer pendants. Gotta share the crafty vibes!

I gave these girls some of my wine cork jewelry which their sporting in this pic.

Beatrix and Charlotte in their capes and masks. They're looking pretty darn kewl!

Here's a close up. Beatrix is waving her wand. She was pretty sparkly and magical.

Big thanks to Trade School Vancouver for setting up the workshop, etc. Such a great idea!! Definitely worth trying a workshop or giving one. Why not! Also thankful to Blim for opening up their space. It was an amazing experience!

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