Sewing, making animal stuffies & workshop prep

Man I love sewing! Or at least creating things using my old Singer sewing machine. You can turn anything into something funsie. Last night I decided to be zen-ful and sew 'stuff'. I wanted to make a few stuffies to give to friends so I pulled out my cat and owl patterns and got down to business.

I finished off all three stuffies this morning - two cats and an owl. Cute!

Here are my homemade patterns...

I used thrift store fabric for the body then fabric samples for the accents.

I first stitched the accents to the body then added eyes and noses.

Here's my owl... I love how the two fabrics look together!

Look at those feet! I think the owl is super sweet! I may have to make another one or two!

And here are my two cat stuffies. Easy peasy! I just adore sewing sometimes!

Other than that it's time to prep for my upcoming workshops. I've been collecting materials for the costume making workshop. I foresee a trek to Urban Source this weekend.

I scored some wool sweaters from the thrift store this week. I felted these yesterday (a couple were already felted - I guess that's why they were at the thrift store!). These will be good for the costume workshop as well as the Xmas Crafternoons.

I've also started collecting Xmas items to be upcycled. I bought a bunch of cards from the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $0.10/each. I may have three Xmas Crafternoons so need to have a bunch of materials stockpiled!

And then I'm developing quite the stash of thrift store frames. I'm going to update these soon enough. I may give these away as Xmas gifties. We'll see!

Now for another coffee and then more crafting! Yay!

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