Much love & gratitude for Culture Days

A huge thanks to Culture Days for the honour of being BC Ambassador. It's been an amazing experience! I'm beyond grateful for the opportunities that arose... The Culture Days National Congress, speaking at the kick off event, being part of the CTV Morning Live segment and then my very own upcycling workshop. I hope I can keep my title a bit longer!

Here are some highlights from my stint as BC Ambassador...

Here I am with David Moss the Project Director for Culture Days at the Culture Days National Congress.

Yup I'm on the list of participants. Yay! And one of my workshop photos was used in the info brochure.

Then there were the features in two local papers which involved photo shoots. Was a pretty neat experience despite being a tiny bit awkward. One interview was in the North Shore News, Culture Days opens doors to the arts.

The other feature was in the North Shore Outlook, Culture Days opens doors to the arts. I have no doubt people are tired of seeing my mug all over the place!

I spoke at the kick off - I'm getting more comfortable with speaking in front of crowds. Phew! Here are Alice and Bonny from the Senior Flash Mobsters. Love these guys!

And then the segment on CTV Morning Live. Rob Gloor, Executive Director at Greater Vancouver Alliance for Arts and Culture, and I were interviewed by Aamer Haleem. It was a blast! I wasn't at all nervous or tired which was great! Click here to watch the full interview.

Finally my Story Crafting Upcycling Workshop... Made new friends, saw a few of my regulars, made kewl stuff. I love the upcycling workshops which never would have happened if not for last year's Culture Days!

Here I am with Alice... We are quite the cutie patooties!

And one of my happy crafters. I am truly blessed with crafty goodness!

So that's that! Life is pretty darn fabulous... So very thankful for Culture Days and everything that has happened because of it. Looking forward to next year!

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