Kewl partnerships, magical trunks & even more 'junk' jewelry

What a week! I took a bit of a breather after all of the Culture Days fabulousness and now I'm ready to get back into it. I have a few potentially kewl opportunities in the works. I've been talking to the Lions Gate Thrift Store about partnering up for an upcycling workshop. I've also been in touch with the new ReStore in North Vancouver. There are a couple of other nifty opportunities in the works. I'm sure at least a couple of them will definitely happen. Oh 2013 - you ROCK!

Otherwise I've been receiving some interesting donations. I got this trunk from a coworker. I'm turning it into a magical trunk perfect for a kid's room. Maybe paint it bright blue and add some glow in the dark stars. Who knows!

I'm also planning to use an old leather belt for the side and front handles. It's going from a dainty, dated container to yup... You got it - a magical and sparkly trunk!

And then some freebie wood coasters. They were included in a Seagram's booze purchase. Not my purchase but a friend's. I'm going to turn them into 'something'. We'll see what.

And then I've been zen-ing out with buttons. I picked up some silver wire from Michaels and I made jewelry. Why not! Love this button... I used the wire to adhere the bar pin to the back. I also added some Crazy Glue to ensure it stayed in place. Funky!

And then I added wire to this big, wooden button. Then glued a bar pin to the back and was done.

Here's my collection of button broaches using buttons from Button Button. Love!

And then I attempted a pendant using one of my recent button purchases. I added some wire then used some repurposed jump rings. I might make a ring to match using the other wood and metal button.

Yup I went a little nutty with the wire... Next was adding it to one of my metal washer pendants. I'm lovin' 'junk' jewelry making! Yay!

And here's my somewhat lame pendant using repurposed thrift store jewelry. I think it's too fussy, too much... I need to simplify this one somehow.

I am liking the wire though. I'm getting better at making it look somewhat 'professional' and not super awkward. I'll leave this one for now. Usually when you're ready to go back to something then you can fix it up in a jiffy. Here's hoping!

And here's the truly boring stuff going on... After my cardboard box catastrophe I had the most exciting purchase yet - plastic storage bins. This should help with transporting supplies for upcoming workshops, keeping my single girl pad not so crafty and well just being plain ole grown up and organized. It had to happen at some point I suppose.

Next I'll clean up this cabinet. Maybe give away some projects like my mini paintings. Sharing the craft love... That's what it's all about!

And now to figure out how to make superhero outfits out of junk... I'm thinking masks, capes, wristbands... Hats! I've got me some serious crafting to do this weekend.

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