Craftiness galore this weekend

Well it's Sunday night... What happened to the weekend?! Holy smokes! I was busy getting crafty... I had an assembly line of projects - workshop prep, jewelry making, etc. I am super duper pooped!

I was a bad blogger though. I didn't take photos of everything! Just a few here and there. Oops!

I decided to make masks for the superhero workshop. One out of felted wool and one out of a cereal box.

Here's my felted wool owl mask. Love it! The cereal box one to be honest - well it sucked. I guess that's why no photo of it ever happened. What a cutie patootie owl mask though! ;-)

While I was getting some workshop prep done I also made jewelry. I had a friend cut up more wood rounds for me. I wanted to make a set of pendants for me and my BFF in Ottawa. Here's the start. I also made a superhero pendant.

I added coffee to these pendants to stain them... Maybe make them look old. Just one of those weird things you try for some reason yet unknown.

Here are the matching pendants. Pretty!

This set of pendants is going in the mail tomorrow. One for my BFF and the other for her son Cooper. Fun to spread the crafty love!

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